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Scenario:  Your good friends, Jack and Tom, have just met with their company’s  accountant. They have received bleak news about their profits for last  year. Jack and Tom have needed to upgrade their equipment but haven’t  had the money. They have recently had a small fire in their  warehouse.  In reviewing the documents, they realize that their insurance company  will pay for the replacement of many of the operational tools even  though they weren’t damaged. Jack and Tom realize that the forms  completed by their warehouse supervisor were not completely accurate  although the forms contain no outright lies. Jack and Tom’s insurance  company has sent them a letter that has scheduled an arbitration to set  the insurance payment that will be made to them.

Jack and Tom are your best friends and invite you to lunch to discuss these issues and get your advice.

  • Take a position on what you whether you would revise the forms – explain why or why not.
  • Define arbitration and explain how it would work.
  • Research and identify a case, company or situation that used arbitration to successfully resolve this situation.
  • Explain what ethical theories the warehouse manager is likely to use to support his/her actions.
  • Explain what ethical theories Jack and Tom should consider to refute the warehouse manager’s actions.

Be sure to provide in text citation and source information in APA format including a working URL.

Review the rubricPreview the document before submitting the assignment. This assignment will be submitted using the Turnitin originality check.


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