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ABC Company is in competition with many companies that provide the same products and services. A personal touch and strong customer service are standards
being set by ABC Company, and this is shaking up the market. To keep up with consumer expectations and initiate new customers from different areas,
expansion must take place. For this expansion, the company needs to answer several business questions. Utilizing business intelligence techniques, a business
can utilize data to create reports and provide insight into those business questions.
For this project, you will play the role of a data analyst at a consulting company that you own. You will be working directly for the CEO in your investigation of
the expansion of this business. You will be asked to evaluate one of seven data sets related to what the company has done up to this point, and you will provide
those insights back to the company. For each of these data-set areas, you will be asked to use Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools to build a stunning
visualization of the data and a written report of the insights that were found in the analysis.
Using the IBM Watson Analytics data, choose ONE of the seven data sets and explore the data for interesting insights, and create dashboards using the Microsoft


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