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Unit 1 Discussion (ACC211) Managerial Accounting

Do you believe a firm must have a firm grasp of the concepts of differential cost, opportunity cost and sunk cost to be effective in making business decisions? Please be sure that your first post talks about these three different types of costs.  Consider giving examples – especially if you have examples within your own employment experience.  Or – you can look for some online resources that offer you some other facets of this topic to discuss so that it isn’t just a rehash of the textbook. Don’t forget to cite any resources that you use – even the textbook!

Unit 1 DB: Effective Communication (BUS311) Managerial Communication

After reading and considering the material in Unit 1, choose one of the following options below, then proceed to develop your response post.

Option 1

Identify six related skills that you will have the opportunity to develop as you work on your communication skills in this course.  In response to your classmates, of(fer advice and/or resources to help them reach their goals.

Option 2

Explain what it means to you to communicate as a professional in a business context.  In response to your classmates, discuss the importance of effective communication in your career and to the companies where you do or will work.

Unit 1 DB: The Invention of Management (MGT105) Principles of Management

In this unit, we learn that all managers plan, organize, lead, and control.  Consider the following statement, “Management is undoubtedly one of humankind’s most important inventions.”  Explain why you do or do not agree with this statement in relation to the four (4) functions of management.

Unit 1 DB: Technology in Our Daily Life (CIS112)

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Think about how technology has changed over your lifetime. The ways we collaborate, shop, and socialize are just some items that technology has impacted. Think about the world of transportation and automation in vehicles such as self-driving cars. After you have read the articles provided in the Reading sections, decide how you feel about advances in technology, such as self-driving cars. Are you “for” or “against” the idea? Please answer the questions below:

Do you consider self-driving cars to be positive or negative? Why or why not?
Who would benefit from using self-driving cars? Who would not receive the benefit from these cars?

What sort of safety technology should be added to make self-driving cars effective?
When you respond to others, discuss the advantages of self-driving cars and respond to your colleague’s thoughts about how this technology will impact society.


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