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Activity needed in 2 days

Activity needed in 2 days. 1. What mass of NaOH(s) must be added to 300 mL of HCl 0.25 M in order to completely neutralize this acid?

2. During a lab, you mix 2 solutions: a 100 ml solution containing 0.40 g of NaOH and a 100 mL solution containing 0.73 g of HCl. What is the concentration of H+ ions in the new solution?

3. Calculate the [H+] of a solution obtained by mixing 1 L of hydrochloric acid 1.0 M with 1 litre of sodium hydroxide 0.990 M.

4. In order to completely neutralize 20 mL of a solution of HCl 0.1 M, 40 mL of a solution of NaOH must be added. What is the concentration (in M) of the NaOH solution?

5. 25 mL of NaOH 0.16 M is added to 50 mL of 0.1 M HCl.

6. What is the pH of the final solution?

7. What is the concentration of hydroxide ions in the solution?

8. Calculate the volume of Ba(OH)2 0.20 M necessary to neutralize 300.0 mL of H3PO4 0.30 M.

9. During an acid-base titration, 23.3 mL of HCl completely neutralized 19.5 mL of potassium hydroxide 0.315 M. Calculate the concentration of the hydrochloric acid.

10. What is the pH at the equivalence point during an acid-base titration of NaOH and HCl, having identical molarities? Justify

11. During an acid-base titration, 25 mL of NaOH 0.2 M were required to neutralize 20 mL of HCl.

Calculate the pH of the solution for each of the following:

12. Before the titration.

13. After adding 24.9 mL of NaOH.

14. At the equivalence point.

15. After adding 25.1 mL of NaOH.

16. The pH of the equivalence point during a certain titration is 3.5.

17. Which indicator would be adequate for this titration?

18. Which indicator would you suggest to be avoided during this titration? Justify.

19. Calculate the volume of NaOH 0.5 mol/L necessary to neutralize 300 mL of HCl 0.2 M.

Activity needed in 2 days


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