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AH Patient Encounter

AH Patient Encounter
Step 1: Complete i-Human Patients® Case for Arielle Hernandez.
Access i-Human Patients® by clicking the Exercise tab.
Click the Cases tab to complete the i-Human Patients® Case for AH.

  • Interview AH to obtain her complete patient history.
  • Document your findings in i-Human Patients®.
  • Complete a health assessment and focused physical exam based on current evidence.
  • Document your health assessment and focused physical exam findings and develop a problem list for AH.

Note: You must attempt and score a cumulative 70% on the i-Human Patients® assessments in weeks 1, 3, and 5 to successfully complete the required lab component of the course.
Step 2: Interpret the data.
Determine which tests you would expect to see for AH based on the results of the history, exam, and problem list.
Evaluate the test results to determine the actual and/or potential diseases for which AH is at risk.
Create a 350-word summary note explaining how you arrived at AH’s problem list.

  • Provide relevant assessment results (questions and answers).
  • Cite the lab results that correlate with the assessment findings.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your summary, evidence-based assessment guidance, and interview results documentation.


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