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Anatomy homework help

Essay Questions Exam II

1. Describe the process of endochondral ossification. Discuss how bone growth is regulated from the fetus to complete ossification. Mention where cartilage remains in the adult.

2. Identify THREE examples of skeletal system disorders. Your response can include disorders of the spinal column, nutritional deficiencies, genetic conditions, and conditions of growth and development. Describe possible causes of each of these conditions. Your answer may not include traumatic conditions (i.e., broken bones).

3. Distinguish the mechanisms of injury and the affected anatomy in a shoulder dislocation versus a shoulder separation.

4. Distinguish the mechanisms of injury and the affected anatomy in a broken ankle versus a sprained ankle.

5. Describe the mechanism of injury and results of an “Unhappy Triad” injury to the knee joint. Be sure to diagram the mechanism of injury and identify all relevant anatomical landmarks.

6. A synovial joint (diarthrosis) has three major structural components. Identify each of these components. Be sure to discuss the structure and function of each of the components. Your answer should include a sketch of a typical synovial joint.


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