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Please follow the appropriate APA FORMAT!! VERY IMPORTANT. POINTS WILL BE TAKEN OFF IF DOWN INCORRECT. I will leave a negative review if done inappropriate, please do your best. Must be A+ work.

  • The initial discussion post must be at least 250-350 words of content, MUST reference the reading of the week. please see chapter 6 which is attached
  • and including at least ONE scholarly source.
  • All initial posts need a reference. Your initial post should never be all opinion.  You need to refer to the reading and the required resources and prove your information with valid data.
  • A full discussion of the issues presented by the questions posed for the week.
  • Use of reliable, APA formatted sources (No Wikipedia).
  • Correct grammar and spelling.
  • No information is quoted or copied.
  • All information is in the student’s own words.
  • Please use correctly formatted in-text citations and references. Less than that shows a disrespect for the source. There is a particular way in which these are to be formatted. Without the proper formatting, the grade suffers.
  • Do NOT use the citation machine.  The citation machine only provides you with the information you provide to it.  If you’re unaware that there is particular information needed and do not provide it, the reference you receive will be incorrect.  It will not be the fault of the citation machine.
  • USE intext citations.  These are necessary for the post.  For each area that you discuss and each idea, you present you MUST add the author and date in parenthesis, to your post. In-text citations should be a part of each section that you write when what you write is an idea that you learned through your reading.  Even if you read something that you may have known a bit about but you have still gained more information you need to put a citation in your work.   This includes all information you write about even when it is being discussed in your own words.
  • References should be listed for each citation you use.
  • DO NOT copy information from any source even if you’re giving credit to the source.  You can use one quote in a post.  More than that will drop your grade.
  • Avoid the use of quotations.  Your rubric discourages this by placing a limit on the number of quotations that are allowed under each grading section.  You may write a great post but the use of too many quotations places it in a lower category for grading
  • Avoid copying references from unaccepted sources.  Many of the references are incorrect with dates that are wrong or titles that are not complete.  If you use this and it’s incorrect it is your grade that suffers.
  • Do not add scholarly resources that you are not using just because.   You are asked to use a scholarly resource for your post over and above your etext.  If you are using a resource that is listed in your reference list and does not appear as information in your post, then it’s not actually used.

The initial post is 250-350 words of content. The initial discussion post must be at least 250-350 words of content, MUST reference the reading of the week (CHAPTER 6 AS BEEN ATTACHED AS WELL AS THE NAME OF THE BOOK, TITLE, ETC), and including at least one scholarly source.
Assignment week 5 below
This week we are speaking about life in assisted living facilities and managing assisted living facilities. This is BIG business in America!
(a) Find an assisted living facility(Located in New York) on the web and describe the facility, the services, the pluses, and the minuses. See if you can figure out the cost.
(b) See if the facility has any open positions in the career section. Pick one and discuss it.
(c) Are there any reviews or violations at the facility you chose.

  • attachment



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