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Are you going to time participants to see how long it takes to complete tasks?

)A script or guide to help you identify which questions you will be asking participants. This typically involves the tasks you want them to complete

2) A way to record your observation. This is often called an observation log. I would like to see HOW you plan to collect your observations. Are you going to take notes during their session? Are you going to time participants to see how long it takes to complete tasks? How are you going to MEASURE their success/failure for completing the various tasks?

3) Show me the data! YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO CONDUCT A USABILITY STUDY WITH 5-7 PEOPLE! Typically, a researcher would create an observation log and have some sort of an outline for how the data will be collected. Once you have that, go ahead and conduct your usability studies with the people.

Make sure you identify some main highlights of your study.  So please take detailed notes during your usability sessions 

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