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Journal Assignment #4: Recognizing Future Disruption
i. TOPIC: The one constant of technology is that it changes. Better, more, faster—all ways to describe innovation in this area. How has your topic harnessed that innovation, used technology or positioned itself to use future technologies to even more effectively disrupt its market and grow?
Topics of Selection Options:
1) Digital Camera (Kodak)
2) Amazon Alexa (Amazon)
Choose Anyone
Please follow the grading RUBRIC very closely
Minimum Number of WORDS = 650 (Excluding Title and Reference Pages)
Styled at Times New Roman, Latest APA, 12 points, Double Spacing.
Intext Citations, References
You will write a journal entry of at least 2.5 pages (Must be: 12 pt. Times New Roman double-spaced) in current APA format that focuses on that module/week’s topic. Evaluation will center on the degree to which the entry demonstrates a full understanding of the topic as well as the potential for successful application of technology.
Transcript Attached for the Week’s Presentation
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