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You can answer either Question 1 or Question 2. A sample answer has been provided at the end of the paper. Please answer only ONE question.

  1. How do the stories of Gilgamesh and Oedipus help us understand the connections between character and destiny? How do the conclusions of the plots reflect on their character? [Key points: fate and free will, unsuccessful quest for immortality]
  2. “O lord what fools these mortals be,” says Robin aka Puck. What is Shakespeare referring to here?  Connect this quote with Shakespeare’s ideas about “love” that he explores in this comedy. Which character best exemplifies Shakespeare’s comment on love in AMND? Give reasons for your answer.


Sample Answer.

Introduction (100 words)

1st sentence: respond to the prompt with a thesis.


(In AMND, Shakespeare wants us to think about love as both irrational and unpredictable.


In AMND, Shakespeare wants us to think about love as a deeper realization.


Shakespeare wants us to think about love as a momentary dream that does not last)

Explain why you think that. Give first example from the text. Explain what is happening in the quote. What the speaker says and what Shakespeare means.

2nd paragraph (100 words)

Find another quote that supports this or extends this. Explain this quote and the incidents around it. Connect with some background information and/or language. Talk about AMND being a comedy and bringing various class of people on to the same stage.

3rd paragraph (100 words)

Another quote that supports your point and explain it. What does the speaker say? What does the speaker mean? Importance of love potion. Does Demetrius really fall in love with Helena? Two concluding sentences that must tie up all the points.

Quotes can only be 2 lines (20 words—the rest of the words are explanations and connection)


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