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Benefits of joining a nursing union essay assignment

Benefits of joining a nursing union essay assignment
Unions are essential tools in ensuring safe working environments. Unions ensure a collective bargaining power for the workers hence ensuring nurses get their dues in time and reasonable wages are paid. Nurses work hard to ensure safe and quality healthcare. However, the management cannot be trusted in creating an enabling environment for nurses who work tirelessly in our health care facilities. With unions, nurses use their numbers to demand for a pay rise or allowances which might be difficult without the union (Silver, 2013).  Although there are claims that the unions represent unprofessionalism in healthcare, it is not possible to leave a facility just because your demands are not met like in most cases. Therefore unionized nurses need to be allowed and nurses must be willing to join the unions so that their voice can be heard by the management.
An organizational culture that supports safety is paramount in ensuring safety at workplace. Safety culture is therefore the way an organization does things and how they collectively value safety at workplace. Unions affect the way in which nurses interact with the management. Most unions are focused on ensuring that employees or the union members receive fair wages and safe working environment. A unionized nurse therefore promotes a workforce culture of safety by ensuring that the management offers good working conditions for the nurses. The most appropriate MSN Essential is Essential III: Quality Improvement and Safety. The essential requires that the nurse performance be related to quality by ensuring safety of the patients. Also, the nurses need a safe working environment so that they can be able to execute their duties. Benefits of joining a nursing union essay assignment.
Silver, J. (2013). Just a union– of nurses. Winter Park, FL: Legacy Book Publishing.


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