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1)What were RBC’s ultimate goals in opening a representative office in Thailand?

2)How large is the initial staff for the office and what is the estimated pretax profit?

3)What are RBC’s four major business lines in its Asia Pacific network?

4)What are the limitations of BIBF licenses?

5)What are the advantages of the possible upgrading of RBC’s operations in Thailand to a branch status?

6)What are Thailand’s most important exports?

7)What is the “current” (1997) situation in Thailand?

8)What are the highlights of the IMF’s bailout of Thailand?

9)As RBC’s representative in Thailand you need to prepare a detailed recommendation for senior management to either:

  1. Stay in the country and “weather the storm”, which perhaps means  to take losses for an extended period of time
  2. Cut your losses now and have the bank focus on its efforts elsewhere, which means forgetting about getting back in the country in the foreseeable future

10)What Have I Learned From this Case?


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