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research the mortgage markets

The mortgage markets probably have the most data available so you will not have a problem with the research.

the body of the report must be at least 4 complete pages, plus the cover page, executive summary, and reference page.

Report Outline:

1. Cover/Title page

2. Abstract/Summary

3. Paper (At least 4 pages)

a. Introduction

b. Body of paper

c. Conclusion

4. Reference page in alphabetical order (use APA format)

Your paper must address the following:

1. How was the market affected by the crisis?

2. Were any safeguards in place? Regulations

3. What safeguards were in place? Regulations

4. Was the market previously regulated and later deregulated?

5. What were the warnings?

6. What role did the Federal Reserve play?

7. Expand on any key players involved


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