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This paper is a 750-word (3 to 4 text pages) study of how the company that you have chosenactually uses data in its operations. There are specific content sections that you need to cover, and your paper must follow general APA guidelines for citation of references. In all other respects, please follow my example paper (attached) in format.And, as a general rule, no quotations unless absolutely required. Instead, summarize your source and cite.


Introduction: This 50-word (or less) preview of the entire paper helps us know your central points. No source citations needed here.

The Company: This is a brief description of the company, its industry and its competitors. In this section you will provide a broad overview of the company and the world in which it operates. Try to limit this section to about 100 words.No long histories.

The Topic: How does the company use data? Using the reports that you have uploaded plus any other articles that you may find using the ESU library databases, examine how your company uses data in its operations.This is not a “the company should ….” paper. This is a “the company uses data by …” paper. Show with your source material howthe company actually uses data in decision makingor operations control or any other business manner. This is not a stockanalysis of the firmnor should you do a financial analysis of the firm.You do not have to find the “smoking gun” where the CEO says “we use data by ….” However, you should not assume the use of data by your own conventional wisdom. No “of course they use data because …” or anything like that. This is a business analysis, not an opinion paper. Find the evidence, analyze the evidence and write about the evidence and your analysis of it. This section is the bulk of your paper. This section should be about 500 words.

Conclusions: Finally, what results has the company and/or industry had in using this type of data analysis? What positive or negative impacts have there been? Are there any suggestions from the industry or from experts on the subject? What have you learned overall? This section should be about 100 words.

References: List the references that you actually cite in your paper. All references in this section must be cited in the paper and vice versa. Use the APA format for in-text source citation and for the References listing of sources


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