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Caritas Process Essay

Caritas Process Essay

Need 2 pages with reference by Friday, May 25th 6 pm
1.  Identify one of the Caritas Process’ that appeals to you. Consider how appropriate this Caritas Process is for you and your area of nursing practice.
2.  Include the following in your presentation:
o  Provide the foundational information about the Caritas Process. Utilize what you know about Caring Science as you develop your presentation.
o  Provide clinical examples contributing support for the significance of the Caritas Process you have chosen.
o  Demonstrate your overall understanding of Caring Science. Caritas Process Essay.
Smith, M. C. & Turkel, M. C. (2012).
Caring in nursing classics: An essential resource.
New York, NY:
Springer Publishing.
ISBN: 978-0826171115
Book link from google:
Watson, J. (2008).The philosophy and science of caring, revised edition. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado.
Book link from google:

Caritas Process Essay


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