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Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper

Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper
Instructions: Body of textHistory-history of creation/discovery and use-describe the chemical make-up of the drug (i.e., Crack is cocaine hydrochloride powder that has been processed to form a rock crystal that is then usually smoked).
At least half a page.
Production-is the drug natural or synthesized in the lab?
Ex: designer drug LSD (lab) versus naturally growing mushrooms (natural).  At least half a page.
Influence on Neurotransmitters and Receptors-Describe what neurotransmitters/receptors/hormones are involved.
How does the drug influence them? (be specific, i.e., serotonin receptors or even more specific, 5HT). At least half a page. Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper.
Effectiveness, Use and/or Abuse-what is the effectiveness of the drug (if it is used clinically) or if illicit, how potent is it (maybe talk here about cutting street drugs with other chemicals like baking soda, etc).
-is the drug abused?
If yes describe in terms of prevalence of use and abuse.
If no describe why-is the drug addictive or does it build a physical tolerance (need to increase the dose to keep working)? Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper.
If yes then how do you stop using it (taper down the dose, etc.). If no, then say why the receptors that it works on do not up or down regulate, etc.).  At least a page.
Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits/Dangers -Is this drug dangerous or useful or beneficial (physical, to the self,  the repercussions to society, to research, and the field of psychology) describe how and why?
At least a page.Conclusion -write a brief summary of the main points. -based on the research, is there conflicting data about the drug?
Is this supported by research? Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper
Mention any discrepancies in the research that should be addressed.
Make sure you choose one specific drug and its influence on one specific population as we talked about in class. Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper

A research paper is required to pass the course.  A 6 page APA paper based on a related biological psychology topic/phenomenon. On this paper, you will explore the influence and effects of a specific drug e.g. caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, Ritalin, etc.  on a specific target population of interest e.g. young college students, children with ADHD, women with bipolar disorder, young women with anorexia, Chemical make-up of crack cocaine essay assignment paper


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