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Computer Science homework help

For this homework you are going to write a program to read in values for a small business that starts with the first letter of your last name. So if your last name is Gonzalez, you can write a program for a Grocery Store.

You will need to read in one integer value, one boolean value, one decimal value and one String value. Use a Scanner to read in the data. Based on the data you read in, use a series of if, else if, else if, else to determine the price of the product or service depending on what the user entered in to the program.

You will create a class based on the type of product or service you are offering that will keep track of the integer, boolean, decimal, and String.

CLASS WORTH 20 points

For example, you let’s say your last name is Fernandez and you chose a flower shop:

“Enter the number of flowers desired:”


“Enter if you want a vase:”


“Enter your address:”

123 Fake Street

“Enter your local tax rate as a percent:”


INPUT WORTH 30 points.



After displaying the output for the product (price will depend on the type of business you select based on your last name), you will save the entire order in a file called output.txt using a PrintWriter.

OUTPUT WORTH 30 points.


Your code must be unique and based on the business selected and related to your name. Submit your code here.

SUBMISSION: Upload a single .java file. No Word, text or other files will be considered.


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