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Computer Science homework help

Project: Information technologies trend impacting you at your workspace.
** Consider your own experiences in the challenging and changing world of technology. Then select one of the information technology or information system trends which have impacted you in the workplace.
*** Put together a Five to Six page summary explaining the trend.
** Define the trend by locating at least three articles to support it, and then explain the trend as you experienced it in the workplace.
Feel free to utilize resources to further support your experience.
** The advancement of technologies in business is changing the world of work.
Incorporating the new technology and software into the business environment to remain competitive continues to be a challenge for organizations. The impact of the advances has also had a profound impact on workers.
** NO TITLE PAGE. The main focus is the trend and your experience.
This is an original work and should not include any copy/paste from the Web.
Plagiarism, no matter the circumstance, will result in the failure of this assignment.
Ensure your citations are correct and that your work is original.


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