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1.  For this discussion topic you need to apply the things that you have read and come up areas of enterprise that docker would be most useful for.
2. As you have learned from your reading Docker is available for many platforms and in many forms.  Your assignment is to research containerization solutions that are competitors to Docker and compare and contrast them.  You should find at least two competitors and investigate their features compare and contrast them and see where each of them have advantages.
3. For this discussion topic you need to apply the things that you have learned throughout the course.  Consider all of the virtualization topics that have been covered and discuss how you see the role of virtualization moving forward in the enterprise.
4. For this assignment you are going to research various orchestration options and evaluate them to see which ones you think would add value to a business.   You should as part of this assignment develop a method to objectively evaluate the platforms and the arrive at a conclusion using your method.  Make sure to justify the components of your decision making process while you explain them.
5. you are expected to do research and post your findings on the pros and cons of cloud computing


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