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Describe and analyze the concept of Quality of Life at the individual and community level

Unit 4 Assignment
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
· Describe and analyze the concept of Quality of Life at the individual and community level as it relates to promoting optimal physical and mental health.
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
HS499-1: Knowledge Base: Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology, chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, and disease processes as they relate to health outcomes.
· Choose a health problem in the human population. Some examples include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer of a specific organ, an infectious disease, etc.
· Describe the biological and physiological aspects of the health problem and potential chemical treatments or pathways that are affected.
· Discuss the natural progression of chronic diseases, or the natural history of infectious or exposure-related illnesses.
· What are the potential outcomes of the disease (recovery or death), and what leads to those potential outcome(s)?
· The paper should be at least 975 words in length.
· Include a list of references in APA format,


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