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MN577 Discussion Board: Common Diagnosis Seen In OB/GYN Clinic


MN577 Discussion Board: Common Diagnosis Seen In OB/GYN Clinic

Will need minimum of 300 words, APA Style, double spaced, times new roman, font 12, and and Include: (3 references within years 2015-2018) with intext citations.
(This discussion board is to explain my experience in the OB/GYN clinical rotations)
Describe the 10 most common diagnoses seen in an OB/GYN Clinic
My dx (Yeast infections, fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, vaginitis, ovarian cysts, UTI, Dysmenorrhea, HPV breast mass or lump, PCOS).
How are you feeling about caring for women’s health patient populations?


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