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Describe the main ideas of the theory (should include the assumptions under which the theory operates). What are the main concepts?

  • Write an original paper.
  • Submit it to the dropbox for a grade based on the rubric.
  • The following are some conceptual models and theories you may choose from; however, you may choose any nurse theorist:
    • Florence Nightengale’s Environmental Model
    • Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model
    • Hildegard Peplau’s Interpersonal Process Theory
    • Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory
    • Ida Jean Orlando’s Nursing Process
    • Sister Calista Roy’s Adaptation Model
    • Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality
    • Jean Watson’s Nursing as Caring Theory
    • Margaret Newman’s Health Expanding Consciousness
    • Martha Roger’s Science of Unitary of Human Being
    • Abdellah’s Patient-Centered Approaches Theory
    Steps to follow to do your critique:
    • You can visit the Fitne website to watch videos about the above mentioned theorist.
    • You can use the Internet to find a journal or articles that provides an analysis and critique of a theory of nursing as a resource to start working with your own critique.
    • You need to login entering the following information:
      • Username: medical center campus
      • Password: medical
      • Under the Nurse Theorists: Portraits of Excellence (Volume I) link select the theorist of your choice
      • On the left navigation area select a topic to view
    • You must use the criteria for analysis and critique of theories in Chapter 1 of the George text book.
    Your critique must have the following headings and follow APA Guidelines. TopicDescription Meaning (30 pts.)
    • Describe the main ideas of the theory (should include the assumptions under which the theory operates).
    • What are the main concepts?
    • What are the main relationships between the concepts?
    • How do different concepts affect each other?
    Origins of the Theory (30 pts.)
    • What was going on in the profession of nursing or in American society that may have influenced the theory?
    • What values, theories, evidence, and/or existing knowledge did the theorist cite as support for the theory?
    • What motivated the theorist to write the theory?
    • What approach to theory development did the theorist use?
    Usefulness (20 pts.)
    • How useful is this theory in practice?
    • Is the theory practical and helpful to nursing?
    • Does it contribute to understanding and predicting outcomes?
    • Cite an example/case study where this theory could be used.
    Testability (10 pts.)
    • How testable is this theory?
    • Has this theory generated research? How many and what types of studies?
    • Give one example of a study done using the theory
    • What types of statements are the propositions?
    Overall Evaluation (10 pts.)
    • Is the theory comprehensive and specific?
    • How general is the theory?
    • Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.
    • Why would you use or not use this theory in your own advanced practice? (Begin to think about the your presentation “Synthesis of Nursing Theory”).


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