• Introduction and overview of the organization selected
  • What are the mission, vision and values of the organization?
  • Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the organization.  Research for information on the organization.
  • Identify two areas for improvement based on the SWOT analysis and develop two strategic goals
  • Outline short term/long terms objectives and what steps and procedures would be necessary for achieving these objectives? How you will evaluate/control each strategy (and thus each objective) in your plan.  How will you know whether your strategy/objective is on target?  Who will be responsible?
  • Keep in mind that resources may be scarce or limited. If you plan to do something, make sure that you are considering costs/expenses and also how you will finance such activities.
  • Describe two approaches to marketing or promoting these goals within the organization or to the community/service area.
  •   The strategic plan outline must be approved by the instructor. Students may send me a proposal by email before plan writing. In the proposal, students should tell me the full title of your strategic plan, why the organization/institution is your best choice, and how you plan to write. I will approve your proposal if I think it is suitable and feasible. Students may consult with me individually anytime during your paper writing.]]>

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