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Develop your skills in conducting electronic data–based searches relevant to police psychology

Assignment 2: Police Psychology Web Resources
As you continue your course on Police Psychology, it is  important to develop an understanding of the literature and resources  that are available to police psychology professionals, particularly  electronic resources that can be utilized during this course and in your  future work. In order to help you develop this understanding, this  assignment will serve five objectives:
Develop your skills in conducting electronic data–based searches relevant to police psychology.
Develop your ability in summarizing and paraphrasing information from police psychology resources.
Develop your skills in critically analyzing the merits—the  strengths, weaknesses, scholarly attributes, and potential utility—of  electronic resources.
Develop your skills further in writing properly formatted in-text citations and references for electronic resources.
Develop a set of resources for your future professional work.
Search the Internet to locate at least six police  psychology web resources that would be useful to a police psychology  professional’s practice. You may include peer-reviewed websites as well  as peer-reviewed articles. Your web resources should be selected based  on the following:
Provide information regarding the practice of police psychology.
Cover each of the following areas of police psychology (i.e., one site or article for each identified area):
Mental health involvement in critical incidents (e.g., hostage negotiations and natural disasters)
Pre-employment evaluations
Fitness-for-duty evaluations
Provision of clinical treatment to police officers
Interviewing, interrogation techniques, or polygraph testing
Ethical issues when conducting police psychological work
Contain peer-reviewed information, sponsored by a reputable scholarly organization.
After locating your sources, create a 3- to 4-page Word document containing the following:
References to at least six web resources
A summary or paraphrased description of each resource
Evaluation of the merits of each resource as it pertains to police psychology
For this assignment, you should avoid the use of quoted material.


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