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Diet Analysis Program

Diet Analysis BIO 115 / Marsh
Diet Analysis Report Instructions
Write a diet analysis of your 3 day diet using your 3 Day Average from your diet analysis program.
1. Compare your nutrient intake to your goal.
2. Identify each nutrient that you had more than 20% excess or 20%
deficient of your goal. This means that every nutrient with an
intake below 80% or above 120% should be part of your written
3. For each nutrient that is below 80%, state how you
would improve your nutrient intake. You should list 3
sources that are high in that specific nutrient. You can
use your text book, credible internet sources and the
handouts that you received from the oral presentations.
goal – 210 g
Intake – 135 g
I could eat more potatoes, oatmeal and pasta.
4. For each nutrient that is in excess, list the 3 highes sources of that nutrient from the
spread sheet reports.
Vitamin A:
goal – 1000 RE
Intake – 1271 RE
My 3 highest sources of vitamin A were garden salad, baby carrots and cheese pizza.
When you are finished with your analysis, write a summary and state your educated nutritional opinion of your diet. Make sure that you answer the following questions.
· What are your dietary goals?
· Did you make any changes as a result of this project?
· Do you take a vitamin or mineral supplement?
· Do you drink enough water?
· Do you exercise?
Submit your analysis paper that you wrote with your PDF print of your report for the
Diet Analysis Program.


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