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Discuss   and explore the future of health care information management, and the impact   on nursing practice 

Please investigate the Clinical Care Classification System (CCCS) / Saba Care The Clinical Care Classification System. It provides a standardized system for the classification of nursing practice for the care of patients. Additional the author, Dr.Saba provides a free data file to use the CCCS. The CCCS in a Patient Care Planning Software. This is an Access Database file. Download file from “Doc Sharing”. In this assignment the student will be exploring several aspects of informatics. One is using a standardized classification system. The second is using an Access data base. The third is exploring the use of informatics in process of “Planning the Care of a Patient”. The student will need to download the CCCS from the link in doc sharing tab, and create a care plan using the CCCS model. The “care plan” will be printed and submitted for evaluation. Please create a care plan on a patient from your practice setting. A minimum of 3 problems are expected. A summary APA document of the students experience using the CCCS Access Database will conclude the assignment. The assignment will be graded on the following items: · Successful download of the Access Data Base file · Creation of a new patient record in the data base · Adding 3 problems to the record to include: o evidence of problem o expected outcome o interventions o types of interventions o actual outcomes o status of problems. · Printing of the Care Records   Grading Rubric CCCS   Saba Care Paper Possible Points   Introduction: Introduce   the CCCS Saba Care System Experience of using   the system to the writer Access   database, ease of use, functionality Discuss Information   Systems Management:  Discuss   and explore the future of health care information management, and the impact   on nursing practice Conclusion Draw   some conclusion about the CCCS Saba Care in health care Paper Presentation /   Style APA   Format, writing style, logical presentation of idea, grammar, sentence   structure.]]>


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