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Distinguishing Management and Leadership Competencies in Nursing Paper

Distinguishing Management and Leadership Competencies in Nursing Paper
Distinguishing Management and Leadership Competencies  Thriving organizations see the value of cultivating both management and leadership competencies. For this Discussion, you consider two distinct “buckets” of competencies—management and leadership—and think about how these can be leveraged to successfully introduce a new product or service in an organization.  To prepare:
•Think about a new product or service in your organization that was recently implemented. ◦Identify five leadership strategies you might use to address the implementation of the new product or service. ◦Think about the management competencies that were needed in order for this project to be successful. Why are these competencies important? ◦Consider the leadership competencies required for success, and reflect on the value of these competencies.
Post a description of the new product or service and how it aligns with organizational goals and professional standards. Describe the distinct management and leadership competencies that facilitated successful implementation of this project. Provide your rationale.
Required Readings  Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2015). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (8th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.
•Review Chapter 2 with a focus on page 44–50.  Arroliga, A. C., Huber, C., Myers, J. D., Dieckert, J. P., & Wesson, D. (2014). Leadership in Health Care for the 21 st Century: Challenges and Opportunities. The American Journal of Medicine, 127(3), 246–249.  Copyright 2014 by Elsevier Health Science Journals. Reprinted by permission of Elsevier  Health Science Journals  via the Copyright Clearance Center.    Stetler, C. B., Ritchie, J. A., Rycroft–Malone, J., & Charns, M. P. (2014).
Leadership for Evidence–Based Practice: Strategic and Functional Behaviors for Institutionalizing EBP. Worldviews on Evidence–Based Nursing, 11(4), 219–226.  Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.     Daire, J., & Gilson, L. (2014).
Does identity shape leadership and management practice? Experiences of PHC facility managers in Cape Town, South Africa. Health policy and planning, 29 (suppl 2), ii82–ii97.  Distinguishing Management and Leadership Competencies in Nursing Paper.


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