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Do you think we should build a wall on the Mexican border?

Discussion 1: Do you think we should build a wall on the Mexican border? Why or why not? Explain.
Click the link below for information on the Wall.
****  After reading the information presented on the website, I do not believe the wall should be built. First of all, it is estimated to cost over $25Billion. Mexico has said in the past that they will NOT pay for it. If they did the original plan of putting a tariff of 20% on all imports from Mexico, yeah it could pay for the wall, but it would most likely hurt our ties with Mexico. The wall will also hurt the ecosystem. It will hinder some endangered animals ability to mate.
The topic of immigration is a very sensitive topic. I myself I’m an immigrant, therefore I will try to be as unbiased as possible. When it comes to the topic of President Trump building the wall on the Mexican border; I believe that the wall should not be built. Reason being: the cons in building the wall, such as price outweighs the pros. While there might be pros, but we can all agree that the main reason for the wall being built is for immigration purposes.
This costly wall which is estimated to be about 10 billion dollars or more is an investment that needs to be weighed on if the cost will outweigh the benefits or vice versa. While a wall itself, I believe will not deter illegal entry from the border; we must ask ourselves, what is its purpose. Along with purpose is motive. What is the president’s motive in building this wall? Is this wall a product of tightening our border; or merely grounds of racial biases. Sadly, I’m driven to believe the latter. It can be argued that our President, Mr. Trumps motives are racially and discriminatory driven.


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