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Economics homework help

Week 41
Please write a few sentences describing a situation where you (or someone you know) has used their problem solving or agility skills to increase their human capital in order to get a better job or earn more income.
Week 42
Identify an investment decision that you or someone else has made. (This should be for goods or services for which one or more payments were made in order to receive increased benefits from those goods or services at a later time.)

  • How do you think the concept of supply and demand      impacted the investment decision?
  • Now that you understand the time value of money, how      would you use your problem solving skill (especially critical thinking      strategies) to rethink the decision in the future?

Week 43
Give a brief description of two or more of the jobs you’ve already had. Without revealing private information, explain if the job was part-time or full-time and address the following questions.

  • What skills were required to perform your best?
    • To what extent were agility, problem solving, and       technology skills necessary for success?
  • What skills did you learn in each job?
    • How did learning these skills contribute to improving       your ability to be effective in your work?
  • Did these new skills increase your human capital?
  • If you haven’t yet had a job, describe the type of      career you hope to have after finishing school.
    • How will agility, problem solving, and technology       skills be a vital part of your success in this type of career?


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