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The strategy I chose was the 14 tips by Dr. Kathleen King. These steps prepare you for what you are going to read and steps throughout your reading. The most important part about this strategy is that it helps you when you get stuck. I read the whole lesson three times. There were sections I had to read five or six times. I knew that when I saw the title, I would have a hard time with this assignment. This writing type reminds me of abstract art, it is not clear, and you have to piece everything together. The phrases that gave countable nouns action verbs were tough to understand. Steps ten and eleven were essential to completing this reading and understanding. I had to think and write about parts where I got stuck. Recording and exploring my confusion guided me on what I needed to research. If I could change one thing about the steps, it would be to combine steps nine and ten to refrain from excessive writing. I would also read prefaces and summaries before starting the reading, especially if I know that I will have a hard time understanding the work. The only thing I would do differently is starting the assignment earlier.

  • Review the response above
  • Reply with a minimum of 100 words.
  • Make any suggestions regarding the response’s strategy that you feel will be helpful. If you notice a peer is struggling, reply with encouragement and suggestions to help. This not only supports your peers but contributes to the development of your own knowledge.


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