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The strategy worked well in the beginning. I made progress with annotating. However, I became overwhelmed with the story’s length. I begin to get watery eyes. My eyes also jumped from one line to the next. I became uninterested in the story. I was confused about what the story was actually talking about. Before reading, I assumed the story would be about weather. After reading, it seemed to be talking about an abandoned house with rodents inside that caught fire and burned. It even mentioned a few proper nouns of people’s names (Mrs. McClellan). I was not sure what they were referring to. I used the SQ3R strategy initially, but as I got to the end of pages 3-4, I became tired of using the strategy. I found myself skimming the rest of the story. I only read the story once. The strategy I chose worked for me; I have to keep at it with practice. I have to stay committed to it when reading because it is a new way to approach reading. Practicing using this strategy will get better. It’s just like a sport. The more I practice, the better I will become. I wouldn’t change anything about the strategy because I find that It works for me. It works better than what I have been doing. I saw a difference the first time using the strategy. I’ll make sure I push through until the end of the story to start skimming once I am tired of reading.

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