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A “gender lightbulb moment” is a time you became aware of being treated differently because of your gender. For example, a girl not being allowed to play football, or a boy being told he shouldn’t play with dolls. It could encompass anything from the toys you were allowed to play with, being aware of different rules for boys and girls, and feeling uncomfortable because of your gender in a certain situation. You may also consider the concept of gender fluidity, in which individuals do not necessarily commit or conform to the gender code that they were assigned.
For this forum:
Please provide your “gender lightbulb moment” and reflect on how this experience might have affected you.
As an educator, what are some ways that sex role stereotyping and gender biasing can be countered? How will you establish your classroom to avoid these pitfalls?
Provide a link to an article or news story that illustrates some of the negative effects of gender biasing and briefly discuss the implications of the article/story you have posted.
Be sure to include properly cited scholarly sources.


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