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Part I: Write your Philosophy of Health
This week’s discussion board assignment requires you to write and share your personal philosophy of health. Your philosophy needs to be at least 250words long. Since this is a personal statement, it is appropriate to write in first person tense (I, you, me etc.). If you use any sources, such as an inspiriting quotation, be sure to use APA format to document the quotation and cite it in a reference list at the end of your statement. Quotes do not count in the 250-word minimum.  Be creative, succinct, and clear. I would like to read your unique thoughts.
As a future health professional, it’s important to explore your own views about health. There is no doubt that as you go along in your academic major, and have experiences in the field, that your philosophy will change. However, as you begin your journey into health education, you should summarize your views thus far as a starting point. You can use this written health philosophy for your professional portfolio and expand and change your health philosophy as you learn and experience more.
As you develop your health philosophy, try these warm-up exercises:

  1. Brainstorm a list of at least 10 words that come to mind when you think of health.
  2. How do these words relate? What words are repetitive? Cross those out. With the remaining words, can you categorize them into themes?
  3. Now, try to answer this question, “What does health mean to you?” Think not only about what you value but about your own experiences as well as others’. Construct sentences based on the themes that you have identified.
  4. Now, start to write your draft. Begin with a few general statements that summarize your views on health in general, and then try bulleting specific beliefs and professional principles that guide your philosophy.
  5. End with a few summary sentences and perhaps a 1-2 sentence quote you like that underscores your overall views. (If you use a quote, be sure to use proper APA format, including a reference for the source at the bottom of your philosophy statement).


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