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This week’s assignment will require submission of your draft Project Management Plan. To earn full credit for this assignment, the following specific information should be at least 50% complete.
This submission is a draft copy and a living document, as it would be for a viable Project. I am looking for comprehension of task requirements, artifact generation, and project management skills.
The submission must be completed on the supplied template – the Project Management Plan template:
Project Management Plan Template – 20.docPreview the document
In addition, while creating the document:

  • Read and delete all instructions
  • Review and implement the comments from past artifact submissions
  • Align the data from past artifact submissions into this project management plan
  • Do not modify the templates
  • Be specific
  • Do not be vague; be precise in your verbiage; focus your language
  • Explain how you will manage the project
  • Requirements state the “what” and are not to state the “why” or “how”
  • Requirements should include “shall”, not “will” or “should”
  • Review the requirement information in the course and text content
  • Every artifact is a formal document; do not use the words “we”, “our”, “you”, “they”, etc
    • Instead use “The project team”, “The business owner”, etc
  • Define all acronyms on their first use
  • Attach (imbed) all attachments in Reference B section of the document
    • Do not state the “attachments are located on the SharePoint”
    • These documents should be standalone documents
  • Deliverables are outputs of the project, or phase, or process
    • They are what you are working towards in your project
  • Mitigation strategies are how you will manage the risks
  • The font and formatting needs to be consistent through the document; this includes capitalization, grammar, etc
  • Stakeholders are anyone who has or will be impacted by the project in any way
  • Use spell check before submission
  • attachment



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