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Prompt: You will have to state whether you find that the writer has proved their thesis or not.
In your analysis, do not rehash any of the writer’s ideas past the introduction, but feel free to bring up any particular points that you think need elaboration. Overall, however, the response is your argument and your ideas to the text you read.
Audience: Your audience will be other college students who have read the article but have arrived at a different conclusion from your own in their analysis of the writer’s success or failure.
Process: You should start with some invention writing on the issue to discover your position and the reasons/concerns that shape that position. Then, once you have a thesis decide on what reasons you will give for its support. These reasons will be your topics sentences in body paragraphs. The introduction should help your paper read as a stand-along essay rather than as a mere answer to a question asked by a professor. Then flesh out examples and evidence for each body paragraph and write the first draft. Put it aside and return to it two or three days later to see whether there is a clear thesis, whether each paragraph has a topic sentence (reason) that supports the thesis, and whether evidence in each paragraph relates to the topic sentence. Check transitions, word choice, and edit and proofread. Follow the guidelines for format in the syllabus.
800 words minimum
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