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Theory Paper Content

  1. You will write a 6-page (1 cover page, 4 pages of content, 1 page of references) paper that discusses theory application to health behavior and cite research on how well it has worked.

    Content Instructions
    You will write about how one health behavior (for example: condom use), has been explained and/or modified using two behavioral theories or concepts. The paper should focus on how the chosen theories have been used to examine or intervene upon the chosen behavior, and include an assessment of how well each theory fit the behavior.
    For this assignment, please refrain from choosing the Social
    Ecological Framework.
    Please follow these guidelines for organizing your paper:
    The length should be no more than 7 double-spaced pages
    (including cover page and references).
    The number of sections and the number of pages
    allocated to each section are at the discretion of the student.

    Format Instructions
    Use a Times New Roman 12-point font with 1” margins.

    Cover page: Paper title, student name, course number, date, running head.

    This paper does not require an abstract. On the first page
    of text, state the rationale and purpose of the paper, and describe the structure or organization of the paper.

    Please use several subheads to break up the paper into logical sections.

    You might want to spend 1-1.5 pages describing each theory you selected, but the bulk of the paper should be how theory is applied to specific health behaviors.

    Identify why each of the two theories is applied to your chosen specific health behavior and populations. You are required to use a minimum of 6 current sources, 4 of which must be peer reviewed journal articles.
    Use the studies from the journal articles to support and identify how theory is applied to the specific health behavior.
    Make clear, tangible evidence-based recommendations about future program interventions that are needed or describe solutions to the problem you are addressing. For this part of the paper be sure to utilize study findings (from the journal articles) to support your evidence-based recommendations.

    As with all writing, please use clear topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph to guide the reader.

    Be sure to attribute all ideas that are not your own to appropriate sources.

    For cited references, the paper must adhere to the American Psychological Association Style Manual (see “APA Style Guidelines)



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