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This week we are finishing Jay-Z’s book Decoded (2010).  As you read, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • What were some of Jay-Z’s goals in writing Decoded?
  • What was his method in achieving those goals? (Think about the form of the book, as we did last week)
  • In your opinion, does Jay-Z accomplish his goals in the text? Are there other things he could have done to be more successful?
  • How does Jay-Z use his experience to point to larger social issues?

Book here:



We just have one discussion question for this week:

1) On pages 235-236 (the beginning of Part IV), Jay Z writes that he had three primary goals for writing his book. Please make an argument as to whether or not you think he was successful in his endeavor. Your post should provide at least 5 pieces of evidence (total) from the rest of the text to support your argument. Please include quotations and page numbers. It’s fine to complicate your argument and say that he succeeded in one or two of the goals but not in all. In other words, you don’t have to consider the goals together in terms of their success.


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