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Logistics: This report should be in its final draft, including the following requirements: at least TWO full pages, but no more than four, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins.

Question/Assignment: Please answer the following questions in essay format. The responses to your questions should form a cohesive paper/essay. DO NOT number and respond to the questions individually. 

For this assignment, you will want to review the following chapters:

  • Chapter      3: Perceiving Others
  • Chapter      5: Understanding Culture
  • Chapter      6: Understanding Gender

As you reflect on the lessons you learned from these chapters:

1. In your own life, what influences your perceptions about individuals? Why do you choose to have more close, intimate friendships or relationships with some individuals versus others? What shapes your perception about the quality of the relationship that you have with them?

2. What role does culture play in your selection of relationship partners, and perception of the quality of these relationships? Does culture influence how you choose friendships or romantic relationships? What perceptions of culture influence how you behave with others in these contexts?

3. Finally, how can we work to practice responsible perception and truly embrace the differences between us and our relational partners? How can you ensure that you are being a competent communicator in your interactions with others as you learn to respect their identity and cultural foundations?

Do not forget to include your own specific examples/experiences, references to the textbook, and/or media examples to illustrate your points. 


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