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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reinforcement

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reinforcement
No Introduction or conclusion necessary, a minimum of 380 words,!
There are many variations to schedules of reinforcement which impact behavior of individuals in organizations. Understanding and applying schedules of reinforcement can lead to increases in productivity, and improvement in staff morale among others.
Chapter 5 of your textbook (See attached)provides a comprehensive review of research in the area of schedules of reinforcement located in Table 5.1 (pp. 149–155). For your Discussion this week you should select one of the studies listed in Table 5.1 and complete the following:

  1. Define schedule of reinforcement.
  2. Identify the schedule of reinforcement examined in the study. Describe the schedule and include a discussion of the response rates and patterns associated with each.
  3. Give a brief summary of the results. Discuss the implications of the results and importance of schedules of reinforcement in relation to behavior of individuals within an organization.
  4. Discuss how you would use visual analysis of graphed data to determine the effectiveness of the schedule of reinforcement on the outcome or performance measure.


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