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explain how thinking is believed to influence one’s level of happiness as well as the development of depression and maintaining of its symptoms?

Addressing the following about a relationship between happiness and mood or mental illness: 400 words

1. Explain in your own words what happiness is.

2. According to studies and/or the textbook, explain how thinking is believed to influence one’s level of happiness as well as the development of depression and maintaining of its symptoms?

Discussion 2

(a) From the movie iron man identify and list as many symptoms of a mental illness that the character is exhibiting (See DSM-5).

Discussion 3


Addressing the following about the nature of substance use disorders: 400 words

1. Provide an overview of the biological, psychological, sociocultural theories surrounding the causes of substance use disorders.

2. Next, select one of the theories (biological causes, psychological causes, or sociocultural causes) and defend and support how the selected approach can explain why people use psychoactive drugs, such as the individual in this week’s case study.

3. Based on the selected cause, explain why it is difficult for a person to stop the drug or alcohol use and addiction.

Discussion 4 respond in 400 words

During the Baroque and Classical periods, musicians worked under the “patronage system,” meaning they had to find a patron (usually nobility, the church, or the government) to keep them under hire. Musicians had to compose and perform the music the patron wanted, not necessarily what the musicians wanted. Historically, musicians were considered servants. Three of the main composers of the classical period had different experiences with the patronage system.

Haydn used it to his advantage, working for the Esterházy estate most of his life. Mozart, after living under a domineering father who controlled his career, broke free from the patronage system; and Beethoven, after Mozart’s breakaway, had to figure out how to survive without the patronage system.

The majority of pieces by composers were written according to the specifications of patrons, the people who paid composers to write what they, the patrons, wanted.

Today, composers’ and musicians’ work is directed by the music industry. Often when a record label signs an artist, the artist’s sound is changed to represent the label’s concept. What was once a signature sound for that artist no longer exists. During the Classical period, patrons were the only entities that could afford music. Today, music is available for everyone through television, radio, internet, and MP3s. Yet labels still continue to control the output of their artists.

Why do you think this is so?

Share artists that you are familiar with and describe how their sounds changed after they signed to a label. Did the artist you chose make use of the music business to his or her advantage, as Haydn did? Or did it affect his or her music negatively?
Textbook is Essentials of abnormal psychology. (6th ed.).


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