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Exposure to pistachio pesticides and stillbirth

Epidemiology Week 9

Describe and then critically analyze a recently published epidemiological research article by comparing or contrasting it with another article. You may use the pre-selected articles of Set A below.
Please remember: APA format, and turnitin report will be generated. 6 pages and double spaced.
Set A
Exposure to pistachio pesticides and stillbirth: a case-control study
Prenatal exposure to organochlorine pesticides and infant birth weight in China
Read each article carefully. Re-read your chosen set and ask, “How are these articles similar?” “What do they have in common?” “How are they different?” “How are they not alike?”  Make some written notes about each article in your chosen set.  Compose a basic outline for your paper, including paragraphs for Introduction (ending in a thesis statement, one sentence that lays out what your paper will do), Background, Multiple body paragraphs containing the bulk of your information, Conclusion.
In writing your paper, follow these guidelines. 1) Begin your paper by introducing the problem being investigated. 2) Give a detailed description of the study (why it was done, who conducted it, who the subjects were, what the results showed, and what the authors concluded from the results). 3) After describing the article, you must use critical thinking to analyze it. Critical thinking about epidemiological studies involves determining whether the evidence gathered and described by the authors is appropriate to answer the questions they are trying to answer and whether this evidence supports the conclusions eventually drawn by the authors. This is where you compare and contrast one study to the other study of the set you have chosen. 4) The last portion of the paper should state your conclusions regarding your analysis.
You must include  at least   two  references showing where you derived your information and those references should be cited with-in the text of your paper.  You will also probably want to cite some information from your textbook.
After putting your paper together, you will want to condense/summarize the most important information into an abstract, which is a brief/short summary of the paper.
Your completed paper should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (including title page, abstract, and reference page) and  conform to the APA standard format .  Be sure you take time to proofread your paper well, maybe even enlist the help of an outside pair of eyes to check your final draft.  Once you have completed your paper and saved as a Word document, you must submit the paper to your instructor via Turnitin.


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