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Family and Culture

A. General Information
· Reflect on your personal development during your undergraduate career and on how your experiences have influenced that development.
· Address each of the issues listed in Section B below. Questions are provided for each issue to stimulate your thinking.  Though you should address each of the issues below, you are not required to address each of the specific questions  Feel free to address different questions that are more relevant to your situation.
· Strive to be organized, candid, and creative in your essay!
B. Five Issues to be Addressed:
1. Family and Culture
· Where have I come from?
· What or who has strongly influenced me in the past and how has my college experience helped me to understand those influences?
2. Social and Emotional Growth
· What are my personal strengths and weaknesses?
· How has my MU experience contributed to my social and emotional maturity and health?
3. Intellectual Growth
· How do I learn best?
· What courses or experiences have most enhanced my ability to think clearly?
· How have I become more of a life-long learner?
· What activities have I, or will I, engage(d) in to deepen my learning?
4. Values and Beliefs
· What values and beliefs are most important to me?
· How have my values and spiritual beliefs changed during college and what experiences led to those changes?
· What ethical challenges have I faced and what did I learn from them?
5. Citizen and Community Member
· What is my responsibility to my community and how have I fulfilled it?
· What courses or experiences made me more aware of my role as a citizen?
· How does my understanding of psychology influence my thinking about communities and groups?


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