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FB Pharmacological Interventions and Patient Education

FB Pharmacological Interventions and Patient Education

FB Pharmacological Interventions
Review the medications FB was prescribed.
Write a 175-word medication summary, analyzing FB’s medications. Include the following:

  • Class
  • Why it was selected over other medications
  • Mechanism of action/effect on the disease
  • Interaction with other medications, vitamins and herbal supplements, and food

FB Patient Education Priorities
Identify FB’s patient education priorities.
Summarize each of the education priorities and explain FB’s risk(s).
Find a patient education pamphlet, module, website, or video that pertains to at least one of FB’s priorities.
Assess the patient education information using the CDC’s Index Widget.

  • Review the user guide to ensure you are using the tool as intended.
  • Follow the prompts to evaluate the patient education.
  • Include notes explaining each of your selections in the tool.
  • Save your results as a PDF for upload with your assignment.

Write a 260-word summary explaining:

  • Your experience with the tool
  • What surprised you about the assessment
  • A determination of whether this patient education is appropriate for FB based on the Index Widget score and the information you know about her

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assessment results and summaries.

FB Pharmacological Interventions and Patient Education


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