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Financial Analysis & Management
[1] Critically consider and evaluate the role and value of organisational performance assessment in an international sustainable context. (15%)

[2] Incorporating available information, investigate a significant aspect of the recent performance (e.g. investment, management or financial) of an organisation of your choice – private or public sector, profit seeking or not-for-profit and clearly state and justify (from your chosen evaluation standpoint eg. shareholder, analyst, employee or manager) the likely consequences of its assessed performance on your future actions. (85%)
Each student must select a different organisation and prepare a one page research proposal saying which organisation and what terms, concepts or models you intend to research.
The organisation I would like to investigate in this module is RBS/NatWest. For the first part of this assignment, I would like the assignment to critically consider and evaluate the role and value of organisational performance assessment of RBS/NATWEST. Followed by critically considering and evaluating the role and value of organisational performance assessment of its Relationship Managers.

The amount of credit the bank provides its Small and Medium Size Enterpreses is expected to increase substantially in 2016 by 21%.

Please note that these figures are on assumption basis as RM is struggling to obtain actual information from appropriate authorities

Currently, the bank recruits approximately, 900 Relationship Managers (RM)
Average number of clients in a typical RM portfolio is 200
Each RM must conduct 8 face to face customers a week and speak to 15 by telephone per week.
It takes approximately 45 minutes to visit each client and cost on average £4.80p per visit.
Current monthly lending target is £35k per week however increasing in 2016 to £56 per week

RMs are currently spending approximately 60hours a week in service customers and feel much time is being wasted on the road
Therefore this assignment would provide management with vital information on the profitability of Relationship Management.

Looking at the industry, I would like to investigate and introduce a new method or process of communicating with customers. Investigating alternative and more efficient online tools relationships to manage relationships with customers.

Eg. using Skype or similar online alternative tools to mitigate the cost involved in communicating with customers.

Modes to use in this assignment should be Cost benefit analysis and Investment analysis to investigate the cost/benefit of investing in a particular online banking interactive system.

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