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Food and science

Food and science
This is the wholesome food position paper.   It should be 7-10 pages (double spaced, no more than 12pt font with no more than 1.25″ margins).  I want you to think about wholesome as it pertains to the topics we discussed and how your opinion has been impacted through those discussion and your research (what it was at the beginning of the term and how has it changed, strengthened or formed).  You don’t have to address every topic, but several of them.
You should include at least 3 references – cite them using a recognized format in your field.  (If nothing else, here is a style guide for the Journal of Food Science)
Author Guidelines for IFT Scientific Journals
Details for formatting references Manuscripts intended for all sections of the journal and
the two online journals must follow the name-year refer- ence format specified in Scientific Style and Format, 7th ed., cited above. Cite only necessary publications and use primary rather than secondary references when possible. It is acceptable to cite work that is “forthcoming” (that is, accepted but not published) with the pertinent year and volume number of the reference. Works that are “submit- ted” and under review are not to be cited. To serve JFS readership and subscribers, as you prepare your manu- script, please carefully consider papers published recently in the Journal of Food Science for relevance to your study.
(a) In text When the author’s name is part of the sentence struc-
ture, the citation consists of the year (in parenthesis) im- mediately following the name. Use “and others” rather than “et al.” In citations that are totally parenthetical, do not separate author and year with a comma. Use commas to separate publications in different years by the same au- thor. Cite two or more publications of different authors in chronological sequence, from earliest to latest.
Examples ● Smith (1943) showed that . . . : ● The starch granules are normally elongated in the milk
stage (Brown 1956). ● . . . work (Dawson and others 1964) has shown that . . . ● . . . work (Dawson and Briggs 1984, 1987) has shown
that . . . ● . . . work (Dawson 1984; Briggs 1999) has shown that . . . ● . . . work (Dawson 1984a,b) has shown that . . .
(b) In Reference section List only those references cited in the text. References are
listed alphabetically by the first author’s last name. Single author precedes same author with co-authors. When the author designation (name or names) is identical in two or more references, these references are sequenced by publi- cation date (earliest to latest). Type references flush left as separate paragraphs. Within a citation, do not indent man- ually, let the text wrap. Use the following format.
● Journal article: Author(s). Year. Article title. Journal title. Volume number: inclusive pages. Example:
Smith JB, Jones LB, Rackly KR. 1999. Maillard browning in apples. J Food Sci 64:512-8.
Form of citation in text: (Smith and others 1999). Note: There are no periods in abbreviated journal titles,
there is no space before or after the colon of the citation, and issue number may or may not be included behind the volume number, but must be provided for articles from periodicals that do not number pages continuously throughout each volume.
● Electronic journal article: Author(s). Year. Title of ar- ticle. Name of electronic journal [serial online]. Volume number:inclusive pages. Available from [give site]. Posted date. Example:
Steinkraus KH. 2002. Fermentation in world food pro-
cessing. Comp Rev Food Sci Food Safety [serial online]. 1:23-32. Available from IFT ( Posted Apr 1, 2002.
Form of citation in text: (Steinkraus 2002) Note: Because URLs are frequently discontinued, it is
strongly recommended to give the URL address as it was when first cited.
● Book: Author(s) [or editor(s)]. Year. Title. Edition or vol- ume (if relevant). Place of publication: Publisher name. Number of pages. Example:
Spally MR, Morgan SS. 1989. Methods of food analysis. 2nd ed. New York: Elsevier. 682 p.
Form of citation in text: (Spally and Morgan 1989). ● Chapter in book: Author(s) of the chapter. Year. Title of
the chapter. In: author(s) or editor(s). Title of the book. Edition or volume, if relevant. Place of publication: Pub- lisher name. Inclusive pages of chapter. Example:
Rich RQ, Ellis MT. 1998. Lipid oxidation in fish muscle. In: Moody JJ, Lasky UV, editors. Lipid oxidation in food. 6th ed. New York: Pergamon. p 832-55.
Form of citation in text: (Rich and Ellis 1998). ● Conference Proceedings: Editor(s). Title of publication.
Number and name of conference; date of conference; place of conference. Place of publication: publisher; date. Extent. Notes. Example:
Webb R, Steagall T, Brown A, editors. PAAPT 2008. Pro- ceedings of the 4th National Conference on Processing Technologies; 2008 April 9-12; Portland, OR. Chicago, IL: American Association of Processing Technology; c2008.
Form of citation in text: (Webb and others 2008). ● Patent: Name of the inventor(s) of the patented device
or process; the word “inventor(s),” assignee. Date issued [year month day]. Title. Patent descriptor [name of coun- try issuing the patent and the patent number]. Example:
Harred JF, Knight AR, McIntyre JS, inventors; Dow Chem- ical Co., assignee. 1972 Apr 4. Epoxidation process. U.S. patent 3,654,317.
Form of citation in text: (Harred and others 1972). ● Dissertation: Author. Date of degree. Title [type of publi-
cation, such as dissertation, PhD thesis, MSc thesis] Place of institution: Institution granting degree. Total number of pages. Availability statement. Example:
Smith DE. 1988. Lipid oxidation at very low water ac- tivities. [DPhil dissertation]. Ithaca, NY: Cornell Univ. 210 p. Available from: University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI: ABD62-83.
Form of citation in text: (Smith 1988). ● Websites and other internet material: Title or webpage or da-
tabase [medium designator]. Edition (if relevant). Place of publication: Publisher; date of publication [date updated; date accessed]. Notes. Example:
FoodSciNet: Education resources online [Internet]. Co- lumbus, OH: Food Science Education Association; c1999- 2008 [Accessed 2008 Oct 17]. Available from: http://food-
Form of citation in text: (FoodSciNet 2008)
For journal abbreviations and other examples of refer- ence formats, please refer to articles in the latest issue of the journal or contact the Editorial Office at
Formatting References


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