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Format for the Annotated Source (12%) and Synthesis (8%) a. The Topic and Research Question must be stated at the top of this assignment b. The publication details for the source must be in APA (name/year) format. c. The complete annotation (for the source) should not exceed 300 words/one page and requires three (3) paragraphs. i) In the first paragraph (4-6 sentences): – state author’s apparent purpose, intended audience and the context of the source – summarize ONLY the information relevant to your research question, and briefly state why or how this source is relevant to your research question. ii) In the second paragraph BRIEFLY discuss what makes the source reliable and credible. There must be enough evidence here to indicate the pedigree of the source you have chosen. (2-3 sentences) iii) In the third paragraph explain/discuss the importance of audience and context on the author’s language use in the article, using examples from the passage. (2-3 sentences) d. For the synthesis, which must be completed individually, select three of the team’s four annotated sources and, in one paragraph (not to exceed 150 words): iv) Outline the issue which you want to highlight that is common to the three sources. v) Note similarities and any important differences, in the content of the information, which are of relevance to your research paper. vi) Provide a summary statement which reinforces the significance of the information you synthesized to your research. N.B. 1. One of the three sources must be your own annotated source. 2. List the three sources used in the synthesis on a separate page.






Annotated Source and Synthesis



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                                                  Annotated Source and Synthesis

The topic: The significance of Cannabidiol in pain management

Research question: Why is there increased use of Cannabidiol in Sports?

Rojas-Valverde, D. (2021). Potential role of Cannabidiol on Sports Recovery: A Narrative Review. Frontiers in Physiology, 12.

The article aims at investigating the role of Cannabidiol (CBD) in sports recovery. This is because of the increased use of CBD among the sports athletes. The intended audience for this article are the sports federation stakeholders and the users. The topic is relevant since it seeks to review the use of CBD in pain management in sports. It also seeks to understand to what extent should the culture be accepted in sports because too much use also may impact the users. The evidence fetched from this study would be helpful in gaining knowledge of the relevance of CBD in sports recovery.

This source is reliable as it is current existing within the period of 10 years. It is published in 2021 which confirms how current and reliable it is. The topic also is a current trending issue in sports that calls for the attention of the sport federation stakeholders. Additionally, Frontiers in Psychology is known for its credible research studies which are peer-reviewed and academically acceptable. Notably, the researcher is a qualified researcher recognized by Frontiers psychology. Rojas-Valverde is a holder of Doctorate in research based on sports psychology.

Both the Sports Federation stakeholders and the users of CBD are essential for this study. The stakeholders have the power to correct the sports policies if the results of the study confirm and affirm that CBD is not as effective in sports recovery as it is deemed. The users are vital as audience since they are the people whose wellbeing is at stake which means, the results would help save or improve their lives.


            The use of Cannabidiol is becoming more commercialized. Both in sports and clinical trials, CBD which comes from Cannabis has been found to be an effective way to manage joint pains (Rojas-Valverde, 2021, Miller 1 and Miller 2, 2017, Kennedy, 2022). This has been the main reason behind the commercialization of CBD use in sports and in healthcare. Its ability to inhibit or regulate joint pain has given it a common ground on medicinal use in various care platforms. Miller 1 and Miller 2, 2017, agree that the usage of CBD has not yet been extended to trials of Rheumatic disease. He adds that some smoke Cannabis for the same as opposed to the prescribed CBD drugs. Kennedy, 2022, conforms from his study that CBD does not enhance performance in sports. Thus, the information from the three studies would help gain the factual knowledge about CBD and sports performance.










Kennedy, M. (2022). Cannabis, Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol in sport: An overview. Internal Medicine Journal, 52(9), 1471–1477.

Miller, R. J., & Miller, R. E. (2017). Is cannabis an effective treatment for joint pain? Clin Exp Rheumatol, 35(5), 59-67.

Rojas-Valverde, D. (2021). Potential role of Cannabidiol on Sports Recovery: A Narrative Review. Frontiers in Physiology, 12.


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