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 In previous discussions we looked at how GIS can be used in counter
terrorism and why it is important to know how our GIS products and analysis
will be used by the end-consumer. We will now focus on the GIS data needed
to build products and provide analysis for our DC threat scenario.
Review of Scenario. The Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC)
Director has asked you to provide an overview of the Washington, DC embassy
area around Massachusetts Avenue, NW to support the law enforcement, medical
and other first responders who would respond to any terrorist incident. She
specifically wants to know where the embassies of governments participating
in Operation Inherent Resolve are located, whether there are any clusters of
these embassies, and the location and proximity to the clusters of police
stations, fire stations, and hospitals. She provided the CRS report to aid
you in the identification of the governments participating in OIR.(See attached PDF)
In Labs 3 and 4 you located and imported street data for Washington, DC.
This discussion contains three questions for you to answer.
What other data is needed to create the product and provide the analysis?
The WRTAC Director asked for clusters of embassies. How would we define what
a cluster is in this scenario?
She also asked for the proximity of the clusters to police stations, fire
stations, and hospitals as she is interested in first responder response
times. How would you measure “distance” in this scenario?
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