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I am sharing this discussion topic for two reasons. First, to solicit your thoughts on the structure of our class, and second, to give you an opportunity to pick up a couple of points that might ultimately move your total course score to the next higher grade.
This is not so much a discussion as a chance for you all to give some feedback on the what we’ve covered during our time together.
Please take a few minutes to review the discussion topics from the past seven weeks and tell me which of the topics we discussed that you feel were most important.
Next, tell me if there are any other subjects that you wish we’d focused on in the class and should be emphasized for future classes.
Lastly, tell me anything that you’d change in the way the class is to be conducted in the future.
Feel free to take this opportunity to refresh your understanding of the topics discussed and ask questions or make points regarding the our discussions.
Thanks in advance for your input.


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