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HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template

HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template – Stress Management For Life
HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template
About the problem, what is the specific issue you are examining.
Why is it of concern to individual and/or society.
Literature Review:
Review what others (authors, researchers, practitioners) have to say about this issue, include at least three peer reviewed journal articles from academic sources. Websites are an adjunct source.
Findings and Discussion:
What were the findings from literature as to what others have discovered and then discuss why we may need to be concerned about this issue for individuals and society as it relates to stress influence and health.
Summary and Conclusion:
To summarize and bring focus to what you have found in the literature
and offer any insights as well as an informed opinion on the topic.
Formal American Psychologists Association (APA style) formatting. The following audio tutorial website is the official APA resource –
HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template – Stress Management For Life
Literature Review –  Due – February 22nd
Complete a literature review of topic related to stress and health. Identify any suggested strategies for managing those stressors discussed in the professional literature. Prepare a 3-4 page typed summary of your literature review findings including a reference page. Include a minimum of three references taken from peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters from professional sources. Format should be 12-point font, double-spaced, APA reference style. The following link leads to an APA style PPT tutorial.  (
HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template – Stress Management For Life
Stress Management for Life
Stress Management For Life
Chapter 1
Stress in Today’s World
Stress in Today’s World
Best of Times
freedom of choice
vast array of information
Stress: What Is It?
“A scientific concept which is too well known and too little understood.”  Hans Selye
a demand made on the adaptive capacities of the mind and body
Relationship Between Stress,
Health and Performance

Yerkes-Dodson Principle
to a certain point, stress is healthy, useful and beneficial
when stress exceeds ability to cope diminished performance, inefficiency and/or health problems may result
Terminology of Stress
stressor – any event perceived as a threat that causes adaptation or the initiation of a stress response
eustress – positive, desirable stress that motivates and inspires
 distress – negative effects of stress that drains energy
acute stress – short term, sudden, intense, disappears quickly
episodic acute stress – repeated bouts of acute stress, extended over arousal
chronic stress – long term stress, unrelenting demands and pressures, last an interminable time
Holistic Health
“Modern man is sick because he is not whole”
  Carl Gustav Jung
Health is more than the absence of disease and is more than just physical.
Holistic health encompasses physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional dimensions.
The holistically healthy person is complete and balanced.
Dimensions Of Health
Holistic Health: Putting It All Together
Sources of Stress
HE 391 Stress Management Literature Review Paper Template – Stress Management For Life


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