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Hip Hop dance and its cultural-related characteristics

Hip Hop dance and its cultural-related characteristics.


Participants will choose a personal dance experience (choreography, community event, performance, etc.) for deeper investigation and study. A 5 – 10 page “mini monograph” study will be due on Wednesday, December 11 at 9:00 am (upon your arrival to class). Please provide a citation (MLA format) for any sources cited or referenced in your research (including materials from class). The organizational guidelines are detailed below. Please use a size 12 font, and be sure to number your pages. You do NOT need to make a cover page for this assignment, but please place your name and email in the header of each page. Electronic submissions will not be accepted for this research project. Grammatical excellence is expected. Please provide the following information and content in your Mini Monograph:

Part/Page 1: Introduce your topic! Provide a short description of chosen dance experience or genre (2 – 3 paragraphs) and a positionality statement as the researcher (1 paragraph)

Part/Page 2: (FIELD NOTES)Outline or bullet format presentation of the signature values or dominant characteristics of your chosen dance experience or genre. Please note special observations that relate to your research questions/thesis (particular issues related to gender, representation, age, nationalism, history, etc.?)

Part 3: Page 3 – 7: Discuss your observations, thoughts, and responses as a researcher to your chosen dance community or experience. Focus primarily on your most salient question(s) influencing your desire to research the form of dance experience more thoroughly. What are the social or cultural applications of this dance? What interests you most in the social forces driving the dance? Are you interested in how the dance strikes you aesthetically? Do you have questions about gender stratification or representation in the dance? Are you moved to explore how the dance represents its participants’ values? Choose one aspect to write about and present your examination thoughtfully and concisely. You are welcomed to cite readings from our class, and utilize vocabulary and concepts covered in our class! Please provide an in-text citation (MLA format) for any outside sources cited or referenced in research.

Part 4: Please provide a Works Cited/Bibliography section for your mini-monograph. This should include citations for any videos used, and any interviews conducted.

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Hip Hop dance and its cultural-related characteristics


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